Hallux valgus in children is the disease, as in the case of children up to one year.

What pathology is?

Plano valgus pathology

In children, flat valgus foot is a defect, characterized by an X-shaped curvature of the axis of the bone and a decrease in height. When it comes to this disease, the bone ripped children out to the outside, that would have to be lowered to the middle part of the foot, causing the clumsy gait. This process is accompanied by pain in the legs and fatigue.

Children's orthopedist already at the external examination can a diagnosis of curvature of the legs of the baby. It is absolutely necessary, make x-rays in three planes. In addition, the treatment in children Hallux valgus forefoot, accompanied by the mandatory wearing orthopedic shoes, Massage, movement therapy, Overlay, orthopedic tyre. The orthopedist may also be a further exercise, in the execution of which the muscles are strengthened, the legs of the little patients

The parents themselves can perform at home if the doctor gives appropriate recommendations.

Physiotherapy is usually easy, since the main part of the Massage-exercises a specialist. For more comfort, the execution of the therapeutic exercises required, the Massage Mat.

Doctors specializing in orthopedics, appointment, recommend the Installation of Stop in the case of children, recognize the necessity of the restoration of the bone. With the help of Massage carpet in Hallux valgus feet in children, parents it is much easier and more comfortable prescribing orthopedic surgeons. If a case is not amenable to correction similar methods, then surgical Intervention may require.

As the disease to determine

If in the formation of bones in babies, there is a change, for the parents, the main thing is to timely attention to this Problem. In this case, the treatment is not only timely, but also effective. To do for these parents, home and such simple Tests can.

In the first Test. Lubricate the feet of the child Butter, covered them with oil, special attention to the edges of the feet, smear you the most. Place the Baby on a sheet of blank white A4 paper. The feet must stand on a small distance from each other and remain parallel.

In the sheet of paper the oil should soak in the exact places where the leg of the child is completely in contact with the surface of the paper. They lift the child up and carefully examine the tracks, the attention to the inner contour of the rail. At the grading, they take into account the age features of the child.

As a second variant of the Test "coin". The Baby lay barefoot on the smooth floor. The leg that needs to be tested, must be cleared to 50 cm.

You can take a small coin by you so that they are opposite the inner edge of the legs, exposing them to the test.

the leg of the baby

The distance between the coin and the shaft should be 8-12 cm

With the fingers on the coin, click so that it slid into the center of the foot of the child. The inner edge must be slightly raised above the ground, thus forming the arch, and the coin on impact with the Finger disappears under it, in whole or in half.

If the coin is faced with a stalk and not under it penetrates, at least partially, so it is quite possible that the toddler has flat feet or valgus formed feet. In this case, you need to perform special exercises for Hallux-valgus deformation of foot in children.

Characteristics of the disease

Change the appearance of the legs in the case of Hallux valgus is made in a way that, when the knee of the child, compress it heavily, then between the ankles distance is 4-5 centimeters. Heel and toe are rejected to the outside, while inside, on the contrary, tend to the inner surfaces. The curvature of the legs in this case is shaped to the X.

If the curvature of the legs, O-shaped, then it goes through the curvature of the legs.

If valgus deformity brings with it a lowering of the arch of the foot, then the Plano-valgus deformity. For the most part this Form of the disease occurs in the orthopedics and Pediatrics.

Causes of the disease

The causes of the deformation of the bone in children may be different, and they can be acquired or congenital. If this is the case, if the defect is congenital, is the injury to the bone forms in utero development of the embryo. Then the Deformation can be diagnosed already in the first two months after the birth of the child.

The most severe congenital deformities are the cases under the name of "vertical programs" or "rocking chair". This disease is associated with congenital imperfections of the muscle-tendon-ligament apparatus, it is also against the background of the abnormalities in the development of the musculoskeletal system of the child. 10-12 months, generally the mother may notice these differences, since the child starts.

Most of these diseases occur in children with muscular hypotonia. The reasons for this can be inflammation due to a congenital weakness of the connective tissue, fetal malnutrition, premature birth of the child, and because of the frequent diseases in the childhood of the lungs, Bronchitis and colds.

Doctors distinguish three degrees of severity of this disorder: easy, medium and hard.

Sometimes, the development of this disease occurs after injuries of the muscles, ligaments and bones of the lower leg after a long stay in the cast.

Among the causes of this disease can be:

  • the early formulation of the child to the feet;
  • wrong choice of shoes;
  • Lack of exercise in the family or in the children's day-care facility;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • a variety of injuries.

In the prophylaxis the following recommendations of children's doctors:

  • scheduled medical examinations take place in the case of an orthopedic surgeon;
  • wear the right shoes, in which there is a small supinator, hard high back and foldable outsole;
  • Medications, and the rules of recovery for the implementation of the prevention of rickets.
  • not the legs of the baby burden is 7-8 months.

When it comes to treatment, it is necessary to take into account that the flatfoot is a serious Problem only in the case when the stem is not simply flat, but caused the child pain and anxiety when he walks or runs. If a Baby socks when lifting normal, do not disturb him, may be required the treatment of in children of flat valgus forefoot.

Children's Orthopaedics

If the handle hurts when touched, is moved, it is a Situation that requires immediate treatment.

Here qualified help of a podiatrist need. The doctor will help you choose the right Form of treatment, evaluates the severity of the disease. This is the Installation of dentures with a special Shoe, or the purpose of the Operation.