Experience in the use Valgus Pro

This is a story told to Alessandra from Rome (Italy). The woman informed the problems to live the disability of their daughter a full life, but also about how the locking mechanism Valgus Pro helped to cope with all the difficulties.

Experience in the use of interlocks Valgus Pro

Daughter, completely healthy child, but 5 years ago it had already visibly overweight. The whole family was happy that the appetite is good, and in General all liked the cheeks of her sweet plump. Another one that I experienced, because it was a challenge. In the first class we were already on the bill by an endocrinologist with the Problem of obesity. Goods and nutritionist, through the joint efforts to overcome being overweight, but the consequences remained. Because of the strong stress on the skeleton at the daughter's feet developed cross-platform.

The Problem with the deformation of the bones of the feet interfere with my daughter's life

Pain in the feet and knees severely, and my husband was disturbed and I suffered beside her. The go with their peers was difficult, because long walks then turned to cramps and severe pain that does not give her sleep. But then the Problem of flat feet, the deformation of the big toe. Bump increased, and the daughter with the time even began to limp. In the selection of shoes is a real tragedy, because the conventional models that do not fit her, so we had to order to produce shoes. With the approaching prom had began the real hysterics. Not only that they are not dancing a waltz together with all the classmates, also, shoes with heels, you contraindicated.

To overcome how we managed it, the Problem is with the bones on the legs

One day, as I sat in the clinic in the queue for the recording podiatrist, spoke with a mother. She told me that her son shared problems with the joints and I have our diagnosis. Then she said that the bone suffered in the leg, and you very helped Valgus Pro. Well, I thought, why not try bar does not cost as much money. Bought, started, wearing, and after a few weeks I noticed that the daughter goes flat, you yourself said that the feet less tired, and the pain less intense. Movement, lightweight platform reduces the feet and the wear of the tool offset within 2 months completely back to the natural Position of the thumb.

In the end, we were purchased an exception for the daughter and the prom is very beautiful shoes, even with a small, but nevertheless, on the heel. Now advise Valgus Pro all of my friends, but the Problem of the bone on the foot is sufficiently widespread, and very unpleasant. Maybe in older age, it is time for a complete cure, but more that the thumbs disappear back to the place, and the bone, that's for sure. How grateful I am to the woman who told me about the Clip Valgus Probut, unfortunately, you more and not met. But decided to write a review to help maybe someone's life.